My Favourite Websites for Holidays with Kids

If you’re lucky enough (and brave enough) to be able to escape Groundhog Day by taking a holiday with your kids then you need to check out these websites:

Travel Guides

This website actually won the Conde Naste 2012 Favourite Travel Website. If you visit this site, you’ll soon see why! It features a stunning range of handpicked boutique hotels all over the world. As the name implies, this website was mostly aimed at DINKs types. The creators of the company quickly realised that the Mr and Mrs Smiths of the world eventually go on to have kids. To cater for that, there is now a range of child friendly properties on offer that still manage to be stylish and individual. The great thing about booking through this website is that you will get some bonus extras thrown in, and they guarantee that they won’t be beaten on price!

This is another website that offers exclusive luxury holidays. There is a luxury family holiday section so if you’re travelling with kids you won’t have to compromise! There are some beautiful properties featured here in some striking locations all over the world that offer kids clubs, creches, and baby-sitting facilities. If you’re thinking about treating yourself and the kids, then check this website out.

Travelling with kids is no mean feat. The journey itself is challenging enough – by the time you get to your destination you’re ready to go home. This website features properties all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world that offer all the facilities that you’re going to need to cater for your little tykes without compromising on taste. These aren’t just child-friendly properties – they are child-tailored properties!

A specialist in family travel, tots too offer a great range of luxurious properties all over the world. Most of their properties are 5 star resorts in warm sunny places like Cyprus, Crete, Tenerife, the Maldives and the like. The resorts are described in detail and tell you exactly what facilities they offer for children and parents alike, and most importantly, what type of childcare is available. Most of these resorts offer a creche or kids club so if you’re after a holiday in the sun where you can relax (ie offload the kids 🙂 ), then this is the website to visit!

This is another luxury holiday provider (if you’re going to dream, then you may as well dream big right?!). Scott Dunn tailor makes it holidays according to what you’re looking for. Not surprisingly, for families, this will often involve childcare. This is something that Scott Dunn does very well. On their ski and villa holidays you can take advantage of their private nannies and Scott Dunn children’s clubs. Wouldn’t you?!

I have to say that this is by far and away the best travel website in the world!!! If you don’t already use it then you’re missing out! This is my go to website for all things travel. Before I book anything I do my research here. The website ranks hotels, B&Bs, villas and cottages based on travellers’ reviews. I’ve found them to be spot on and have booked the best holidays based on the information I’ve found here. Its a fail-safe, at least in my opinion. I especially love the forums. I’ve spent hours on here trawling through posts on destinations that I’m travelling to. If you like to organise your own holidays, then this is the website for you.

I’ve tried staying in hotels with my kids and its always been a nightmare. Self catering is definitely the way to go. Why stay in a hotel and bunk up in one room when you can stay in an apartment or cottage with separate rooms for your kids and your very own kitchen. This website offers some fantastic properties where you can have all the space and luxuries you have at home but on your holiday! Its also usually much better bang for your buck!

Now you can start compiling your travel wish list 🙂 If you know of any others, please let me know so we can add them to the list!

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