A Day Out in Brighton with the Kids

Where to go

If you’re looking to get out of London for the day for a change of scene, then take the train to Brighton!

My husband and I took our then 3 and 1 year olds to Brighton for the day last Easter. We don’t have a car so we were looking to go somewhere easily reachable by train and walkable on foot. Brighton fit the bill.

How to get there

It takes less than an hour to get to Brighton from London Bridge.  If you go earlier enough you can get a full day out of it. Fresh from a good night’s sleep, your kids should be ready and rearing to get on the train and on to Brighton. Just bring plenty of snacks and things to do to keep them occupied during the trip.

Why go?

When you get to Brighton station it’s a quick and easy walk down to the beach which is what you come for. Not that you can call it a beach if you’re from Australia. It’s full of rocks!!! It does not make for comfortable sunbathing, or walking for that matter. It does make for good fun skimming stones on the water and that will keep your kids occupied for awhile while you can kick back and enjoy the sun and some tasty fish and chips from one of the many restaurants along the water.

For the whole family

There is so much to see on the waterfront that you won’t be able to sit still for too long. There are great little shops lining the waterfront full of paintings, shells, and jewellery that your kids will love. You will suddenly feel inspired to redecorate your bathroom in a nautical theme (trust me). There are boats littered on the beach for your kids to jump in and out of and even a boat museum that’s worth checking out.

For the kids

If none of that tickles your kids’ fancy, the old fashioned carousel by the water will. But pace yourself as that’s just a small taste of what’s to come because just a bit further along is the famous Brighton pier. Every kid’s paradise – a fun park on the water!

You could spend a whole day just on the pier. Many people do! Those without kids just lie about on the sun loungers drinking in the sun or in the quirky pubs. If you’re not so unencumbered the good news is that you can still enjoy yourself too. If you have kids then you know that if your kids are happy, chances are you’ll be happy too, and there are plenty of rides and activities for the kids on the pier including trampolines, boat rides, giant slides, cup and saucer rides and even roller coasters for the bigger kids. There are also 2 huge amusement arcades and even a fortune teller if you’re so inclined (I was!).

For mum and dad

There’s so much more to Brighton than what’s on the water however. One day doesn’t do it justice… Walking back to the station you walk past “The Lanes”, a series of lanes in Brighton’s historic quarter lined with quirky little cafes and boutiques – one of them being the jaw dropping Choccywoccydoodah. You need to see these cakes to believe them!!!
Unfortunately there was no sampling for me – we had a train to catch.

Brighton is a fantastic day out for the whole family. There is so much to see and do – too much for just one day. Definitely make it a weekend and sample some of Brighton’s famous nightlife. Why should the kids get all the fun?!

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