Weekend Notes

London, England

London, England (Photo credit: TJ Morris)

I just stumbled across a great website in my internet travels that I thought I should share with you:


As you know, I’m always looking for fun and interesting things to do on the weekends with the kids and this website is full of them! There are also some great ideas for date nights and mummy time – from articles on bars and restaurants to shopping and afternoon teas.

There is so much going on in London that its hard to keep track of everything that I want to do – I have little lists everywhere – in my iphone, my ipad, my laptop and random bits of note paper that my kids have rendered incomprehensible with their “artwork”. What I love about this website is that if you register with them, you can add everything that interests you to your very own “To Do List” (OK, that doesn’t sound very appealing if you have kids -I’m sure your list is probably already a mile long – but you could look at it more like a wishlist!).

So if you’re stuck for ideas and need a little inspiration for the weekend ahead, check it out!

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