"Flaming" cocktails contain a small ...

“Flaming” cocktails contain a small amount of flammable high-proof alcohol which is ignited prior to consumption. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stumbled across this website in the Luxe for Less special featured in my all time favourite travel magaine, The Sunday Times Travel.

If you like cocktails (and which mum at heart doesn’t?!) then this is a website to watch. MissCittyKitty has recently launched “The Cocktail Club”, an exclusive annual cocktail privilege card designed for cocktail and bar enthusiasts across London. For £50/year you’re entitled to 20% off drinks (4 drinks max) plus one complimentary cocktail per visit.

The participating bars are not yet listed on their website (apparently the kittycocktailologists are busy curating London’s finest bars and venues) but if the bars featured on the website are anything to go by, then shelling out £50 for the year will be well worth it considering with just 5 uses, the money you save on your complimentary cocktails alone will cover the cost of your membership.

To get your free one month cocktail club trial card visit: http://www.misscittykitty.co.uk/get-your-free-one-month-cocktail-club-trial-card/

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