Best Big Brands Discount Retailer – TK Maxx

English: Alternative Logo of TK Maxx

English: Alternative Logo of TK Maxx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve been poking around my blog, then you would have caught on to the fact that I’m a bit of a bargain hunter.

It won’t come as any suprise to you then that my all time favourite discount retailer is TK Maxx.

I love this place! One of the best things about living in Maida Vale, for me anyway, is how close we are to Kilburn High Road. Its a bargain shopper’s paradise! Don’t be put off by the shabbiness of this street as there are some real gems here like Primark, Poundland, and of course, TK Maxx.

Suprisingly, not many people have heard of TK Maxx. Or, they’ve heard of TK Maxx and have never been. I can tell you now, if you’re one of those people, you’re missing out, particularly if you have kids. I think most people that do know TK Maxx only know it for its discounted womens’ designer fashion. Not many people know that you can pick up some amazing kids shoes, essential baby items, designer kids fashion, popular toy brands and books from the most popular childrens’ publishers here.

Kids’ Shoes

The kids section of TK Maxx can be found in the basement and is accessed by your choice of stairs or a lift at the back of the store. Don’t be hasty and rush through the ground floor however as there is a fantastic shoe section at the back of the store, just behind the womens’ lingerie and nightwear section. You can really get lucky here. There are about two rows of shoes devoted to kids where you can find great quality Wellies (I bought some Hello Kitty size 7s here a few months ago for my daughter), Diesel boots, Geox Mary Janes, Skechers, and Puma trainers at up to 70% off the original prices!!! And that’s just a taste of what you can expect downstairs…

Essential Baby Items

If you’re buying for a baby, whether for your own, or someone else, then TK Maxx is the place to come. It stocks everything from brand name babywear from designers like Ralph Lauren to baby essentials such as Grobags, and Maclaren pram covers. If you’re from Australia, you will know how expensive Grobags are at about $89 a pop! Imagine my surprise (and sheer delight) when I found these here for only £20, 1/3 of the price of what they are in Australia! There are also many great gift ideas for newborn babies such as lovely receiving blankets, baby record books and cuddly soft toys. If you don’t have a baby to buy for, you will probably buy something anyway. You won’t be able to help yourself. And that’s just for the babies.

Kids Fashion

Ben Sherman tagI’ve bought some lovely dresses and coats for the girls here. I bought my 2 year old daughter a lovely fleece lined raincoat recently for her birthday and a pretty party dress for my 3 year old. There aren’t a lot of well known brands for girls but the boys are pretty spoilt with brands like Diesel, Ben Sherman, and French Connection to choose from. I did stumble across a nice Ralph Lauren blouse the other day which I couldn’t resist for my 1 year old niece who is already a bit of a fashionista. It was a steal at over 70% off! It can be a bit hit and miss, but its definitely worth checking out.

Kids Toys

The Fisher Price Little People logo used begin...
The Fisher Price Little People logo used beginning in mid-2007. From left to right: Eddie, Sonya Lee, Michael. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have kids, then this is a real drawcard. My two older girls love coming here. The toy section is fantastic. We are all like kids in a candy store (although I do try (very hard) to restrain myself from pulling everything I see off the shelves). TK Maxx stocks all the best quality brands like Fisher Price,  VTech, Melissa & Doug, Brio and Alex Toys. Fisher Price toys are perfect for babies and pre-schoolers and they stock the popular Little People range. For great quality wooden toys, you can’t go past Melissa & Doug, Brio (for its wooden railway sets) and Alex Toys. For older kids, there are Lego sets, Matchbox & Hotwheels play sets, Barbies and Ben 10 toys. The last time we were there my two girls were absolutely beside themselves when they discovered two big rubber dinosaurs – a T-Rex and a “Longneck” from what is now their all time favourite dinosaur movie “Land Before Time”. In Toys R Us they were £20 each but at TK Maxx they were half this price at only £10 each! These were the last two left so we were lucky!

Fancy Dress

Melissa & Doug

There is also an impressive fancy dress selection. I came here for Halloween and bought my girls some witches’ costumes for only £12 each. I bought my two nieces some gorgeous ballet tutus for only £10 each. For Christmas, I bought my eldest daughter a Disney Little Mermaid costume and a Melissa & Doug Doctor dress up outfit for her birthday. You name it, they’ll have it. You will be able to find a fancy dress outfit for your kids here for every occasion. They even have the cutest little dress up outfits for babies – check out their Christmas range!

Kids’ Books

Now this is the real drawcard. At the back of the kids’ section you will find shelf after shelf of amazing kids’ books from big name publishers like Usborne and Priddy. Basically, these are the same books that Trotters in South Kensington sell, for only 1/4 of the price. Why would you buy one book from Trotters when for the same price you can buy four?! There are some gorgeous pop up books here too – I recently bought Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. They would make fantastic presents, but they’re so nice that I’m tempted to keep them myself! There are some beautifully illustrated nursery rhyme and fairytale compilations and a multitude of sticker and activity books that keep my daughters occupied for hours. There is also a dizzying variety of art and science sets for older kids.

Everything else

TK Maxx is not just for kids. Its a great place to buy presents for friends. For your girlfriends, there are designer fragrances and cosmetics as well as beautiful cashmere scarves and leather handbags. Its also pretty good for men & womens’ fashion. My husband in fact went to TK Maxx for the first time yesterday (on my advice) to replace some woollen jumpers that I managed to shrink in the dryer. He left the house looking rather sceptical (he doesn’t share the same enthusiasm I have for bargain shopping) but he came back jubilant, carrying three great knits for only £65! He is now the second biggest fan of TK Maxx.

So there you have it. TK Maxx is awesome. If you go, make sure you have enough space in your pram for all the goodies you will find here. You may in fact want to kick your kids out of the pram to make more space (I’m not joking, you will understand when you get here). At the very least, bring your baby Bjorn. You definitely won’t be leaving here empty handed!

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